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How it all came to be...


 "The inspiration to create our line of slip-cast functional pottery comes from nature. By translating nature's designs into clay we are able to invoke a new appreciation for everyday objects. Fruits and vegetables have such a variety of shapes, colors, and textures. We are intrigued by the cantaloupe's rough, dry outside texture contrasting its smooth, bright, and sweet interior. By casting directly from the actual fruit or vegetable, we are able to replicate these designs in each bowl."

​Vegetabowls began 12 years ago in Lexington, Massachusetts while Melanie was teaching a ceramics class. She asked her students to each bring in a fruit or vegetable for a lesson on slip-casting and plaster mold-making. She used a cantaloupe for her demonstration and it turned out so great she ended up casting a cabbage and pineapple. When Melanie brought it home to her husband, he was amazed. He said, "We have to make all kinds of fruit and vegetable bowls.... vegetabowls!" Grocery shopping has not been the same since!

Our line is constantly evolving and expanding with each trip to the farmer’s market and each passing season. Vegetabowls™ aims to promote local farming, healthy eating, and an appreciation for handmade functional house wares.


​V​egetabowls™ is a small ceramics studio ​in Sarasota, FL. Each item is handmade by Melanie and Justin Mckenney. The two attended Alfred University where they both received Bachelors in Fine Arts degrees. After graduating Melanie and Justin moved to Boston, MA. Melanie taught ceramics at a non-profit art center, and Justin was an instructor at a public access glassblowing studio. In 2010 they got married and launched Vegetabowls. They now live in Sarasota, FL with their children, Lyla & Reed and dogs, Charlie & Sadie.


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